We  see the risks and challenges in our client’s problems and create strategic, sustainable capabilities for our partners to achieve their objectives.


The Mission of Andiaz Group, LLC is to provide high value consulting and advisory services to clients and partners in two competitive markets:  Information Technology Strategic Leadership and Latin American Cultural exchange.  Andiaz Group, LLC differentiates their capabilities from competitors by having access to proven, current knowledge sources in the areas of specialization.  Most importantly, Andiaz Group, LLC Principal members have superior methods, techniques and practice aids applied to formal and informal training and development for sharing and applying this high value knowledge with groups and individuals. We leverage decades of experience with a thirst for current relevance to serve our clients and partners.


Keys to Success.

·          Subject matter knowledge in the primary areas of concentration and a thirst and commitment to stay current on IT Leadership and Latin American environment content.

·          Identifying, selecting and engaging the right partners who have similar standards for quality and client relationships and negotiating partnering relationships which benefit all parties: Partners, Clients and to the extent that they are visible, the client’s customers. 

·          Sound business practices for human relations, financial management, procurement, etc.

·          Transparency in reporting requirements, relationships and business commitments.



Business Name

Providing Strategic Advisory services for Technology and Cultural Change

Andiaz Group, LLC

Primary Business Address

4705 Andrews Links Street

Charlotte, NC 28277



To contact us:

Phone: 704-650-5115

Fax: 704-844-6378

Email: andiazgroup@windstream.net

Andiaz Group, LLC Overview